About Us

My name is Lola C. Mackay and I am a art painter. www.capitolhillarts.com was born out of my passion and obsession with painting & photography. This is an educational website for the purpose of sharing the art form that I love and hopefully inspiring more people to light paint.

I have been a art photographer since the late 1990’s and even before that I have had images in my brain that I wanted to create and could never figure out how to do it. That was up until a winter night in 2005 when I bumped my camera while taking a long exposure of the ocean. When I checked the exposure I saw the moon had made a streak across the sky, in that moment it all clicked for me. Immediately I began to try to draw with the moonlight in the sky; from that night on I have been a light painter.

In my quest to learn as much as I could, I began researching and documenting everything I could find about painting & photography. In 2010 I started seeing a lot more interest in painting online. It dawned on me that I should share all this information I had compiled to help the art form grow, so I began building www.capitolhillarts.com.

I contacted all of the greatest light painters from around the world, some of which I had become friends with and some I had never spoken to. I let them know that I was working on building a website for the promotion and progression of light painting & photography and that I wanted to include their works and biographies on the website. Most were very enthused! It took a little over a year to gather the artist and compile all their information.

I launched Capitol Hill Arts in late 2013. Since then it has been an wonderful success. I never dreamed it would be as popular as it has become, nor did I see foresee the relationships I would get to build with people all over the world. All of the work that I put into building and running this website has been paid back to me by the friendships I have been able to forge with many incredible light painters around the world and from the random thank you e-mails that I sometimes receive.